About us

Porta Nova Restaurant

When you visit the owner-run Italian restaurant Porta Nova in the center of Limpertsberg, the warmth of the south and the intoxicating smell of selected spices from Italian cuisine greet you. Here, owner Adriano Presti and his team welcome their guests with fragrant delights of Italian specialty cuisine that will intoxicate your senses. 

The team around Presti, who comes from a family of respected restaurateurs, creates an excellent style blend of popular classic dishes and modern lifestyle dishes that combine the heart of Italian passion in typical Mediterranean dishes and seem carry the passion of the country.​

Our Team

A cozy atmosphere, first-class service and culinary delights: a strong team makes it possible and makes a stay at the Porta Nova a real pleasure. Behind the success of a company there is always a strong team. We have been here for you at Porta Nova for more than 10 years, and we do everything in our power to ensure that you feel completely at home in our hotel. Our dedicated and experienced staff is looking forward to spoiling you with culinary delights and Mediterranean delicacies.

Adriano Presti, 

Manager and Director

Sarah Bruccoleri, 

Management assistant

Donato Buchicchio, 

Head of the kitchen

Gabriele Ricci,

Head of the kitchen

Catia Inês Lima Pereira,

Responsible for reception

Karim Morthassi,

Room manager

Francesca Embarek,

Tender Bar Manager